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If you are living around the Kent area and have had your claim to social security disability insurance turned down or rejected, don't loose hope; Mike Lind Attorney At Law is here to help!


Its no secret that over two thirds of all the claims that are sent in to benefits, are rejected.

And even after they have been appealed, still less than 15% of those appeals are accepted.

When you are looking to submit your claim, you should never go at it alone.


It has been statistically proven that with the help of an experienced social security disability insurance attorney that knows the social security laws, you have a vastly higher chance of getting your claims accepted.


Mike Lind Attorney At Law has over 15 years of local Kent area experience and should be your first call even before you submit your claim the first time.


Start the whole process off on the right foot and give Mike Lind Attorney At Law a call first!

  • Local Kent Area Social Security Attorney

  • Highly Experienced With Over 15 Years of Success in Disability Insurance Law

  • Well Educated As a Local Kent Area Attorney at Law


Don't trust an attorney just because he has some flashy ads on the radio, or because you've seen his commercials on TV.

Trust your local Kent, WA area social security disability insurance attorney that has been working with the legal system for over 15 years and has case after case of success to build on.


Mike Lind Attorney At Law doesn't just talk about being the best, he has a long list of successful testimonials and stories from people just like you that he has been able to bring closure to their disability insurance ordeal.




Kent Social Security Disability Insurance Attorney 

With how complex all the laws that surround disability insurance and social security insurance benefits, it's no wonder that the only people having success in today's system are those who are able to find and work with an experienced attorney.

Go into your battle fully armed and ready to succeed with the best in today's social security disability insurance law.

Call Mike Lind Attorney At Law today and let him help you prepare for and win your case!


Don't let your family's financial future slip into risk because you didn't hire the best social security attorney available.

Call Mike Lind Attorney At Law today!

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