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My father served the Marines Corps for 33 1/2 years before he retired as a Sergeant Major in 1984. My mother met my father while working in the Marines as an interpreter. Once she got out of the military I was born into a family of five. My sister is the oldest and lives in Washington, and my brother is the middle child and lives in Hawaii. I am the youngest of three. Once I was born we moved from South Carolina to Hawaii, then Colorado, and on to Oak Harbor, WA until the 5th grade. While in Oak Harbor I played baseball and basketball and had my first job delivering newspapers. Then we moved to Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station, Hawaii. I became a huge fan of the ocean and took up boogie boarding (a.k.a. body boarding). I continued my love of baseball and basketball and finally became old enough for my father to allow me to play football. I picked up my second job in Hawaii which was mowing lawns. By the time I was In 7th grade I had paid back my mother for the loan I used to buy a power lawn mower. I was my own boss. By 8th grade I had another job selling sandwiches to the snack shop in my father's hanger. By the end of the year I lost my mother. She drowned.
By the time 9th grade started my father remarried, and we were transferred to Butler Marines Corps Base, Okinawa, Japan. I accelerated in boogie boarding, baseball, basketball, football, and friends. Upon graduation I joined the Army to pay for college.
Once I completed my schooling I had the opportunity to be stationed anywhere the Army was located. I asked to go to Germany. I was stationed in the 1-64th Armor battalion, Kitzingen, Germany for 2 1/2 years. It is a field unit. Upon re-enlistment I was assigned to Arlington Hall Station, Arlington, Virginia. It was a garrison unit. While in the Army in Arlington I also worked as a security guard and sales clerk. Primarily, I attended as much college night courses as I could fit into my schedule.
In 1989 I was honorably discharged and returned to Washington. I bought a deli in downtown Seattle for two years then sold it. I started full-time work at Rogers Clothing Store and went to school full-time at Seattle Central Community College. After getting my AA Degree early I transferred direct into the UW business school where I earned my BA Degree. I ended my employment at Rogers Clothing and headed to Tacoma.
I earned my J.D. Degree from University of Puget Sound Law School in 1995. I joined the David B. Vail and Associates law office where I worked for ten successful years before I started dating the office manager who later became my wife. Also, I believed that in me starting my own practice I could be more effective in helping people with injuries and disabilities by making it easier on them. In 2003 I founded Michael Lind Law Office. Since then I have represented numerous clients in need of social security benefits and also Labor and Industries benefits. Owning my firm has allowed me to fully realize my dream of helping people in need in my own way. That is why I come to you. Yes, I am an active member in a number of professional organizations including the Pierce County Bar Association, Tacoma Bar Association, and a member of the Washington State Association for Justice but that doesn't help me win your case. My drive, perspective, and attention to detail help you win your case. It is who I am. It is who I will always be. It is who I was raised to be.

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