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Have you experienced a tragic construction accident while working around Bonney Lake?


Or maybe you were permanently disabled and are going to have to learn a new profession just to make a living.

If you are walking into this unfamiliar phase of your life, don't go into it without an experienced social security disability insurance attorney.

The world of social security disability insurance is very complicated and ever changing.


Mike Lind Attorney At Law has over 15 years of local Bonney Lake experience dealing with claims and is one of the premier social security disability insurance attorney in Bonney Lake.

  • Over 15 Years of Social Security Disability Insurance Law

  • Highly Successful Social Security Attorney

  • Helping People around Bonney Lake Achieve Success in Court


A tragic accident that leaves you or a loved one unable to do the same job that they are use to doing is not something that anyone would want to happen.


But the fact is that when they do happen, the system in place for reviewing and determining whether or not to accept an application, is so complex and trying, that more than two thirds of the time, they are rejected.


If you find yourself in a position that you're claim has been rejected and you don't have a proper social security disability insurance attorney to help facilitate getting your case the justice that it deserves; call Mike Lind Attorney At Law today and let us show you why we are Bonney Lake's premier social security disability insurance attorney.




Bonney Lake Social Security Disability Insurance Attorney 

If claim your claim or appeal has been rejected, it's not too late to have Mike Lind Attorney At Law help ensure that you get the justice that you deserve.


Mike Lind Attorney At Law isn't satisfied until he has achieved the best possible settlement for your social security disability insurance case.


No other social security attorney is willing to work harder than Mike Lind Attorney At Law and it shows in all the testimonials of his successful cases.


Don't call the first name you find in social security attorneys, get the best in Bonney Lake and call Mike Lind Attorney At Law!

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