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The Michael Lind Law Office is well-versed in Social Security Disability and State of Washington Workers Compensation (Labor and Industries claims) primarily. That is because social security and workers compensation often go hand in hand. No need to hire several firms when you can hire one attorney. I provide comprehensive legal support for both. I have a diverse background I bring to the table which provides me a unique perspective when I litigate cases. I believe my life's experiences collectively give me an edge. Many people can connect the lines within the box. Outside the box is a completely different story. It takes a different set of skills, perspective, thinking and drive.
That is why I will not advocate for you in an area that I am not experienced. However, over the years I have come across several attorneys in areas that I do not practice who I recommend when a client or perspective client needs help that I cannot provide. They practice in areas such as personal injury, criminal defense, bankruptcy, and others. Please call me at 253.224.7590 and let me know what type of help you need.
If not, the Bar Association has referral lines for many areas in the State of Washington and several counties have their own referral lines for you to seek help. Don't let your claim go because of not knowing where to turn. Make the effort to have your questions answered. If you let a claim go because you didn't act it is often hard to forgive yourself once you know what was lost.

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