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Workers Compensation Attorney Tacoma & Social Security Lawyer Tacoma


Every client is treated as an equal as I expect to be treated. I understand that over time pain causes both physical and emotional hardship and there are times when an injured worker or disabled individual has to vent. I am not just an attorney. My job is much more than that. That is what I love about it. I will come to you. If you are a jerk 90% of the time and a good person 10% of the time I don't want to represent you.If you are a good person 90% of the time and a jerk 10% of the time and you want help, give me a call at 253.224.7590.



Often I am a friend, confidant, and sounding board. At times, I am a punching bag. I am that person that listens to you when you are overwhelmed by the 10%. No worries. We'll get you back on track. The system can be frustrating. Pain can be debilitating. We all have moments of weakness. Direct, courteous, and effective representation is what I do.
My life revolves around winning. I am a sole practitioner. I do not have layer upon layer of buffers between me and my clients. I don't have someone answering the phone to take a message. That message is not given to a paralegal to return your call. I don't give your case to a young attorney to litigate. I don't have an 800 number only to send you to a salaried attorney who gets paid whether they win or lose. That is not who I am and that is not how I run my office. If I don't win, I can't pay my bills. If I don't win, there is no fee. I drive to my clients homes to meet with them. I don't send a paralegal or assistant. I return the calls that I cannot answer as soon as I can. If I am talking with someone there is no more important conversation than the one I am having. If I am in court or hearings, there is no more important case than the one I am litigating. If I am meeting with someone, there is nowhere more important to be than where I am at that moment. I return my calls quickly. But not before I complete what I am doing at that moment. I have people who help, but they help me be efficient and keep me grounded. I don't have people to do my job. Obtain benefits for you.
I am about helping people. I come to you because of your injuries or disabilities often make it difficult for you to get around. It is my mission to help you obtain benefits. Help you make the best out of your life. There is no fee if there is no recovery. My law office is dedicated to winning. You and I together can come out on top.







• Aggressive and Effective Representation


• No Recovery-No Fee​

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